About the Over-the-Hill Community Development Partnership Initiative

In 2014 Dr. The Hon. Hubert Alexander Minnis, M.P., Prime Minister of The Bahamas outlined a vision to improve the Over-the-Hill community. This vision included a transformation and restoration of the area to bring dignity back to the residents and restore Over-the-Hill to its "golden age". To achieve this, the Prime Minister tasked a team of professionals in the Office of the Prime Minister with the mandate of creating a comprehensive strategy to achieve this goal.

What area does the project cover?

While it is recognized that many consider Over-the-Hill to include all areas south of Shirley Street to as far south as Robinson Road, the project is being rolled out in phases that will eventually include this entire area. The first phase of the project is bound by Nassau Street at the west; Poinciana Drive and Wulff Road at the south; Collins Avenue to the east and Shirley Street, West Hill Street and Delancy Street at the north.

What are the goals of the project?

The Over-the-Hill area is rich in Bahamian culture and history. The Government wishes to rejuvenate and restore pride to the area which will include:


Smart Technology

This includes increasing the use of apps, websites, broadband connectivity (schools, public institutions, homes, and public spaces) and other modern technology to improve the delivery of services in the most efficient way possible.


Youth and Elderly

This includes specific and targeted investments in social interventions to improve the lives, productivity and safety of youth and elderly persons within the community.



This includes the development of programs and strategies to improve the physical surroundings, solid waste management and infrastructure of Over-the-Hill community through significant & targeted investments.


Social Empowerment

This includes strengthening and increasing the number of programmes and strategies to aid in poverty reduction such as skills & job training, community building and supporting employment opportunities.


Green and Sustainable Technology

This includes the creation of strategies and programs to promote and incentivize the use of environmentally friendly technologies (such as solar technology) throughout the community to reduce the creation of waste.


Economic Empowerment

This includes the creation of incentives (tax breaks and other assistance) and opportunities to operate and expand businesses in the Over-the-Hill area to boost the local economy, create jobs and ownership.