Q: I don’t live in the area mentioned. When is the project coming to my area?

A: The project is only in its first phase. The Government has committed to expanding the project to other areas which could be as soon as 3 to 5 years.

Q: What types of taxes will the Government eliminate or reduce?

A: The project is being designed to reduce or eliminate property taxes, stamp duty, customs duty and business license fees.

Q: What will I see in the Over-the-Hill area as a result of the project?

A: The project is being designed to create a cleaner, safer Over-the-Hill with thriving businesses that everyone can be proud of.

Q: How will the Over-the-Hill Initiative be funded?

A: The Government has committed $5 million per annum from the national budget to fund the initiative. The private sector will also be given the opportunity to contribute via a fund that will be created.

Q: What programs will the Over-the-Hill initiative introduce?

A: In collaboration with the Citizen Security and Justice Program, a suite of adult education, athletic programs, homework assistance, and certain counseling programs will be launched at community centers in the area.