We can transform our inner city communities...

A message from the Prime Minister, Dr. the Hon. Hubert Alexander Minnis

"We can transform our inner city communities in ways only dreamed about ... This will involve inner city tax free zones. Our people must live in dignity. Habits that breed criminality must be fundamentally changed. If we are to change their lives, we must first start by changing their environment."

Dr. the Hon. Hubert Alexander Minnis, November 2014

The Plan



Brendly Young - I Am Over The Hill

Rev H Rolle - I Am Over The Hill

Our Goals

For this reason, the Government has embarked on a project to transform the Over the Hill Communities with a commitment of at least $5 million each year.

Smart Technology

Apps, websites and information, broadband connectivity (schools, public institutions, homes, and public spaces).

Youth and Elderly

Invest heavily in social interventions to improve the lives, productivity and safety of youth within the community.


Improve the physical surroundings, solid waste management and infrastructure of Over-the-Hill community through significant & targeted investments.

Social Empowerment

Poverty Reduction programmes, Skills and job training

Green Technology

Promote and incentivize the use of green technologies throughout the community.

Economic Empowerment

Create incentives (tax breaks and other assistance) to operate and expand businesses in the Over-the-Hill area to boost the local economy, create jobs and ownership.


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